Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Hike 8 Days with Machupicchu

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Choquequirao & Machupicchu Trek 8 Days Choquequirao Hike 8 Days .- is made through a remote Inca trail that was frequently used in the time of the Incas to reach the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, with the Chinchaysuyo peoples of the northwestern part of the Tawantinsuyo empire and the route would continue towards [...]

Choquequirao Trek 4 Days 3 Nights

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Choquequirao Trek to Machupicchu.- is one of the most beautiful and spectacular walks in all of Cusco. The walk through Choquequirao is little visited “lost city of the Incas” its name means “Cradle of Gold”. It is considered the Inca archaeological site, the sister of Machu Picchu, less known but 3 times bigger than [...]