Guide of Activities and Tours in Cusco

How to arm the backpack? 9 advice for backpackers

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A trip is much more likely to be successful when you prepare well. Or at least, never miss anything while you're on the road. If you are about to go backpacking, it is essential that you know how to prepare the backpack in the best way, avoiding bad times later. When you go backpacking, conditions [...]

7 secrets of Cusco that do not appear in the guides

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Every big city hides secrets that remain under the radar of mass tourism, and Cusco is no exception. From hidden temples just an hour's walk from the Plaza de Armas, through a mysterious Haunted House, to a psychedelic dawn of three suns, these are the 7 secrets of Cusco that you will not find in [...]

Perfect 2 day plan in Cusco

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DAY 1 Our perfect 2-day plan in Cusco begins with a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu. You will cross rivers, small streams and valleys while getting to know several of the villages and archaeological centers of the region. All this while heading towards the great citadel of Machu Picchu. [...]

Perfect 1 day plan in Cusco

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  Ideal for a quick vacation, traveling 1 day to Cusco is enough to know most of its spectacular attractions, Our Perfect 1 day Plan in Cusco is based on the experience of thousands of passengers who have already traveled with us     Wherever you come from, the moment you step on Cusco, you [...]

5 places you don’t know exist in Cusco

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  Empezamos el descubrimiento de 5 lugares que no sabes que existen en Cusco, Despite receiving about 4,000 tourists a day, in Cusco you can still find ruins, lagoons, mountains and waterfalls where virtually no soul circulates. All the places that we will show you below can be visited in one day, transforming into perfect [...]

How to get to the jungle from Cusco

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How to get to the jungle from Cusco with these simple steps to get you started. Few travelers know that within a couple of hours from the historic capital of Peru you can enter this paradise of natural diversity. The jungle is a magical place and visiting it is an experience that you must live [...]

You can walk to the mountain of seven colors and Palcoyo

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  Have you heard about Vinicunca, also called the Mountain of 7 Colors? This natural attraction located in Cusco grows in popularity every day. Today, there is another similar attraction called Palccoyo's Mountain of Seven Colors, you can walk to the mountain of seven colors and palcoyo. What to see on Palccoyo's Mountain of Seven [...]

How to get to Humantay Lagoon from Cusco?

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How to get to Humantay Lagoon?, Cusco undoubtedly surprises us every day more, and now it presents its natural wonder the famous Humantay Lagoon. The Humantay Lagoon is formed as a thaw product of the Humantay Snowy which in turn is part of a mountain range called the Vilcabamba mountain range. What differentiates the Humantay [...]

Adventure destinations in Cusco

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Adventure destinations in Cusco, For those who like adventure and adrenaline, Cusco is an ideal destination, located in the Andes mountain range, Cusco is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of mountain climbing, mountain climbing, and other adventure sports; between peaks that exceed 6,000 meters above sea level, canyons, valleys and villages offer unforgettable [...]

10 things you should know before going to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail

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The Inca Trail is one of the 5 best treks in the world and Machu Picchu is the end point of this incredible journey. This hiking trail is the most amazing way to see the wonder of the world for the first time, as the Incas did almost 600 years ago.   1 - When [...]