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Eat rich and cheap in Cusco

Whenever we travel to a place of visit, one of our questions is: Where will we eat? o What will we eat? and much more if it is a backpacking trip, it means nothing planned (places, lodging and especially food), eat rich and cheap in the Imperial City of Cusco does not have to be a problem.

Knowing that food is the action by which food is supplied to the body, this includes the selection of food, preparation or cooking and its ingestion; foods that provide substances that we call nutrients and vitamins, which are needed to maintain good health and prevent diseases. All this depends on the needs of each individual, availability of such food, religion, culture, economic and / or social situation, among others; food is voluntary act or event, which is learned throughout life and one of the most fundamental of the world of living beings, due to its relationship to the daily survival of these, also related to the physical resistance it provides; in the magical Imperial City we will find several options to be able to feed ourselves, from places for which you need a good budget to places where you will not spend too much money and you will be able to eat very pleasantly.

To eat rich and cheap in the Imperial City of Cusco, we offer some very nice options, so you do not stay on an empty stomach (literal).

  • Mercado de San Pedro: Also known as Mercado Central, it is one of the largest, located about 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas, this market offers a wide variety of foods, we can find these sections:

Breakfasts: A wide variety of breakfasts made with fresh cow milk, coffee, tea, mates, all accompanied by different burgers that can be egg, cream milk, olive, meat, chicken, etc.

Fruit juices: We will find a wide variety of fruits that we want as juice, accompanied with milk or not, to the taste of the client! (as the vending machines would say) These are offered to us by the ladies who prepare them, with much affection.

Meals: There is a wide variety of these, we find the lunch section; where we can taste different dishes and at good cost, there is also the free section (so to speak) where you find different dishes or you can ask them to prepare whatever you want (extras), a section dedicated exclusively to the traditional “rice with egg” (together to its different presentations), which is the most consumed and so there are more tributaries to this market, there is also the pickle section and the typical chicken broths, all very delicious

  • San Blas Market: Located in the neighborhood of San Blas (near the great Plaza de Armas) is also a recognized market in the enigmatic city of Cusco, is much smaller than the central market but just as welcoming, we can see few places breakfast and lunch so it will be much easier to choose where we will eat. We also find stalls selling fruit juice, lunch and some that offer meals to prepare (extras), ask for the Machu Picchu sandwich, a classic of this market.
  • Posts on the street:

Breakfast carts: It is easy to see small breakfast carts in the streets in the mornings, these carts are stocked with breakfast of quinoa, maca, kiwicha, papaya juice, among others; accompanied by different burgers: bread with avocado, bread with egg, bread with sausage, bread with cheese and others. A very pleasant breakfast and especially economic.

Papita con Huevo: Easy to locate because there are several ladies around the city that sell potatoes boiled with hard boiled egg accompanied by chili or ocopa, a delight for the palate and for the pocket.

Choclo with cheese: We can also see through the streets, ladies selling boiled corn with a slice of cheese, very nice

  • Bakeries: In the Imperial City of Cusco we can find many bakeries (some near the Plaza de Armas) with delicious fresh and cheap bread.
  • Ice cream parlors: There are many ice cream parlors around the city, but we also find small carts of ice cream (at the corners of the streets) which we can enjoy sitting in one of the beautiful squares of the city with tranquility.

There are other options that are a little more expensive but are very good:

  • A great place for vegans or vegetarians is the “Restaurant Green Point” located on Carmen Bajo Street, delicious menus.
  • For lovers of desserts this “Valeriana” with its two locations: Av. Sol and Plazoleta de La Merced, delicious desserts.
  • The Plateros Street restaurants are another good option because of the variety of dishes they offer.

It is vitally important to feed us and much better if it is rich and cheap, in the Imperial City of Cusco, there is an infinite variety of places where we can do it without complications, enjoy the city’s cuisine does not mean spending a lot of money. Do not forget to contact Waman Adventures to assist you better in this visit to the Imperial City of Cusco, in the different tours in and out of the city and of course always enjoying the exquisite cuisine of Cusco



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