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Typical dishes of Cusco: 10 meals that you should not miss

Talking about Peruvian cuisine is talking about its typical dishes, recognized for their wide variety and world recognition. The gastronomic tourism in Peru goes hand in hand with the awards obtained internationally, having the most delicious meals in the world and Cusco is not the exception in this culinary variety, Typical dishes of Cusco.

Cusco’s gastronomy is highlighted by the use of traditional autochthonous foods rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn and quinoa. Also, for the different types of peppers and various types of meat such as guinea pig, alpaca, chicharrón, ram, among others.

In addition, we can not forget that seasoning is responsible for putting the special flavor of each typical dish of Cusco.

Here we will teach you to know each of the 10 most traditional dishes of this historic city:

Chiri Uchu:

The typical flag of Cusco.

One of the traditional dishes of the Corpus Christi festivity is the famous dish called Chiri Uchu.

Chiri Uchu means cold chili or spicy cold in Quechua. This food has a mixture between the coast, mountains and jungle, having its origins in the time of the Incas, in the Tahuantinsuyo.

The ingredients used for its preparation are: toasted white corn, cheese, guinea pig, chicken, jerky, charqui, cochayuyo, fish eggcup and rocoto.

Fried trout:

The traditional one of the rustic atmospheres.

The traditional Cusqueña fried trout is made with fish, can be prepared from trout or sea trout.

This typical dish is fried, with rice, cassava, and if you want you can add Creole sauce. It is very easy to find in all restaurants in the Imperial city.

Tip! Generally the country restaurants that are around the city of Cusco and close to the rivers stand out for the freshness of the trout, usually freshly caught.


Cold in Cusco? A chairo to warm up

El Chairo is a delicious Andean soup, traditional in Cusco. Chairo is a Quechua and Aymara name that means “type of food”.

This traditional Cusqueña soup is consistent and was prepared for the peasants, who walked for hours to their jobs because they need a meal that does not spoil.

For this reason, they used ingredients that facilitate their preparation and duration as chuño, which is the basis for its preparation, lamb meat, dehydrated beef, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, mint, oregano, parsley, cumin and Salt.

You know, if you are in Cusco and feel cold, a hot Chairo can help you warm up.

Quinoa soup:

A typical “ligth” dish for height.

In Cusco there is a wide variety of soups, many are made from wheat, quinoa and / or pumpkin.

One of the favorite ones for tourists when they visit the city of Cusco is the Quinua Soup: very light and delicious, recommended to be consumed in cold seasons. Also, quinoa is a food that has been harvested all over the world for its great nutritional contribution.

If you are new to the Inca City and you are in the process of acclimatization to avoid the consequences of the Soroche, the Quinoa Soup is a great option because it does not suppose a burden for the digestion

Cuy baked:

The traditional Andean dish.

One of the most emblematic supplies of the Peruvian highlands, especially in Cusco is the Cuy.

One of the most important ingredients to make this dish is the guinea pig. First it must be totally clean to be able to introduce it in boiling water. Then season with all the condiments and finally placed in an oven for preparation.

This typical food can be accompanied with rice, potatoes, creole salad and fried yuquitas. Do not forget that to drink you can choose chicha de jora or morada, typical Peruvian drinks.

Mushroom Kapchi:

The typical piqueo of the quintas of Cusco

The mushrooms were foods highly respected by the Incas and to this day continues to conquer the most exquisite palates in the world.

This dish is consumed in winter time to replenish the human body in the cold of the mountains. It is a nutritious dish and considered a good option for vegetarians.

Its ingredients are mushrooms, beans, onion, red pepper, potatoes, olive oil, milk, cheese and huacatay.

Chicharrón Cusqueño:

The representative flag of the town of Saya in Cusco

Chicharrón is one of the most popular dishes for tourists when they visit Cusco and much more from the Cusco town of Saya.

The pork meat is cooked with its own fat, that is the reason for its peculiar flavor. The dish is served with mote and Creole sauce. It should be noted that chicharrón was sold in the years 1927 and 1928

Corn with cheese:

A traditional snack from the Cusqueñas corners.

If you travel around Cusco and you fancy a short snack, the traditional Choclo con queso will always be at your fingertips at every corner.

Although it is one of the easiest dishes to prepare in the city of Cusco, the quality of the corn is decisive for its flavor:

The place where the best corn grows is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which has a great nutritional and historical value. This typical dish is one of the most important in Peruvian cuisine and is served as an entrance. The flavor is a mixture between sweet (corn) and salty (cheese).

If sudden hunger strikes, do not hesitate to try this traditional snack.

Baked pigglet:

The inevitable of the typical festivities.

El Cuchón al Horno Cusqueño, unlike chicharrón, is smaller. In the imperial city of Cusco the dish is known to be served in some traditional restaurants in the city.

The preparation consists of seasoning the whole piglet both inside and out with salt, pepper, cumin, ground garlic, mustard, oregano, chicha de jora, fresh yellow pepper, ground chili mirasol and ground panca chili.

Then let it rest one day and the next is placed in the oven.

This typical dish, although it is heavier for digestion, is an option that will certainly not disappoint.

Bramble of paws:

The classic accompaniment of Cusco seasoning.

La Zarza de Patitas is an exquisite dish of the navel of the world. You can find it easily in the Picanterías located throughout the city.

The most important ingredient for its preparation are the pig’s feet. You also need onions, garlic, laurel, potato canchán, tomato, vegetable oil, parsley, mint, pepper and oregano to taste.

Although Cusqueña gastronomy is very broad and there are many more meals, this was our selection of the 10 typical dishes of Cusco that you can not stop trying. If you liked this note and want to continue knowing more about everything you can find in Cusco and your way to Machu Picchu, we invite you to read our note about Aguas Calientes

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