Surprise yourself with an unparalleled destination Rainbow Mountain Trek: the hike to the Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain in one day. The mountain Vinicunca offers a dream landscape to have the seven colors of the rainbow stacked one over the other.

Like a multicolored mantle or the reflection of the rainbow in the earth, Vinicunca rises to be admired throughout the year. This destination is located at almost 5 000 meters of height (16 400 feet) and three of walking time.

The radiant sun will accompany you along the route as well as families of auquénidos like llamas or alpacas, sheep, horses and the imposing landscape of mountains that will be the protagonists of their photographs.


  • Tour Name: Rainbow Mountain Tour
  • Duration: Full Day- 3:40am- 6pm
  • Distance: 15km/ 9.3miles
  • Minimum altitude: 3850 masl
  • Maximun altitude: 5200masl
  • Difficulty: moderate/difficult
  • Walking hours: 5 hrs. approximately

Dare to take this adventure and be able to appreciate this gift of nature with your family or friends. This tour is complementary to Machu Picchu. It is available 365 days a year. You can opt for a group tour or a private tour. Reserve now!

Itinerary Rainbow Mountain Tour

Cusco – Pitumarca – Kairawiri (starting point) – vinincunca hill “MONTAÑA ARCOIRIS”

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Rainbow Mountain Trek

MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 5200 m.a.s.l- MINIMUM ALTITUDE: 3850 m.a.s.l- We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco between 03:40 am and 04:00 am to go by minivan to Checacupe to the southern valley of Cusco, following to the town of Pitumarka (3800 m.a.s.l.) where we will stop for shopping.

We will continue by bus to an annex of Japura(breakfast) and then to kairawiri where we will start our walk at 4550 m.a.s.l. where we will have our breakfast.

Along the way, we enjoy fantastic views of the Apu Ausangate (6384 m.a.s.l.) passing through impressive landscapes and small lagoons of height. Until we reach the foot of the hill Vinicunca where we will need 400 meters to reach the highest point at 5200 m.a.s.l. (hiking  time 2:30 hours). After taking our photos we will return by the same road, where we will have a comforting lunch and our bus to return to Cusco.

Included in the Trip

  • Briefing a day before the tour.
  • Transportation Cusco – Kairawiri – Cusco
  • Food: 01 Breakfast- 01 box lunch (if you are vegetarian, please let us know).
  • Accredited Professional Guide
  • First-aid kit
  • Entrance to the Mountain of the 7 Colors.

Not Included in the Rainbow Mountain Tour

  • Mineral water
  • Horses
  • Walking poles
  • Dinner
  • Tips (optional).


  • A light backpack with Rainwear (jacket and pants if available) or rain poncho. Plastic ponchos can be purchased in Cusco for about $ 2.
  • Heavy-duty footwear, we recommend waterproof trekking boots. Extra stockings can not be missing (just in case).
  • Warm clothing, including jacket, gloves, scarf and hat. Thermal clothing is also recommended.
  • Camera, and extra batteries (batteries are consumed more quickly under cold conditions).
  • Hat or cap to protect from the sun, rain and cold.
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks: cookies, energy bars, chocolates, fruit, granola, etc.
  • Cash – enough for snacks and souvenirs.
Full Day Tour to The Rainbow Mountain from Cusco

Full Day Tour to The Rainbow Mountain from Cusco

How much does it cost to go to Rainbow Mountain?

Andean Peru Treks offers the best quality/price ratio, avoid very cheaps tours, other companies will make you walk fast and you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and you will not be able to take pictures with tranquility

Is Rainbow Mountain Tour worth visiting?

Of course, even though it is a fairly popular destination; it is always an experience that you will never forget; if you want to avoid large crowds of people, ask us how to get there at the best time of day.

Can the Rainbow Mountain tour be done without a guide?

It is always possible to do this Rainbow Mountain Tour by yourself; you will have to take your own precautions, as far as schedules and transportation prices; you will have to be careful not to be in bad health or not to be physically prepared; since you will arrive up to an altitude of 5,250 meters above sea level (m.s.n.m.); also you will not know the details that make this trek wonderful that only the guides of Andean Peru treks know

How long does it take to hike Rainbow Mountain?

Drive for 1.5 hours to Rainbow Mountain TourHike up to the viewpoint. A calculated time of 2 hours varies depending on your fitness level. We will stay at the lookout for 45 minutes to take unforgettable pictures.

Best Rainbow mountain Trek Company

Obviously. Andean Peru Treks XD

Rainbow Mountain Weather?

The typical climate of the place is cold because it is the highest in Cusco. Sometimes it rains and the wind is strong, this causes altitude sickness in some trips or called soroche, is the biggest difficulty in the journey. Temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius. The best time of the year for this adventure is during the dry season (April to October) when river rains are less likely. If you plan to visit during the rainy season (November to March), bring a rain poncho.

Rainbow Mountain Altitude Sickness?

Let’s remember that the main symptom of Altitude Sickness in the Rainbow Mountain Trek is HEADACHE but this must occur at an altitude above 2500 (The mountain of colors is at an altitude of 5,250 meters above sea level) m.s.n.m, we can also add to the symptoms: «difficulty to sleep, body weakness, continuous dizziness as if one had drunk alcohol, vomiting and lack of appetite».

What is the packing list for the Rainbow Mountain Trek?

Warm clothes at least one for the descent, when coming down from Vini Cunca it will be very cold, you should bring sunblock, hat or cap, windproof, good walking shoes not new because the new can hurt your feet and make the walk difficult, extra money for some unexpected expenses. Rain protection or plastic ponchos , the weather can not be forecast we do not know if it will rain or not. Gloves for the cold. Some extra snacks as well as for extra expenses like saddle horse rental. In case you have a special diet. Canes to help your walk.

Rainbow Mountain Trek, Group or Private Service?

When you arrive at the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, you will find companies with very «cheap» prices but remember that you get what you pay for. In many cases, some agencies can charge much less but you will be in a group of 20 or 30 people with only one guide (they will make you walk fast and you will not be able to take pictures).

We offer our tour in exclusive service where the minimum number of tourists is 2 and the maximum 15 per group. This way the excursion becomes more pleasant and the guide will have more comfort in giving you the most pleasant explanations.

Now you can also choose the option in private service, there the transport and the guide will be at your disposal. This is recommended for couples, families or people who do not want to share the tour with other people (The best option).

Rainbow mountain is recommended for Children?

This tour is not recommended for children because they may have problems walking, however, in case you are a child who likes to walk at high altitude, you can do it.

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Recommendations for Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day

  • It is not recommended to do the trek if you are over 60 years old or if you have any medical condition. Due to the altitude and the slope, it can be dangerous for your health. Other operators will not warn you. Be very careful!
  • The trip becomes normal in December, January, and February, however, due to the weather the landscape may become cloudy.
  • Minimum age: 10 years – With parental permission

Prices in Shared Service (With other travelers)

  • Price per person: US $ 35.00

Prices in Private Service

Number of people Price per person
1 Person US $190.00
2 People US $115.00
3 People US $90.00
4 People US $75.00
5 People US $65.00
6 People US $60.00

This Rainbow Mountain Tour is available to depart any day of the week as long as we have two people.

Additional Options:

  • A horse can be rented for the trip from locals when you arrive if you desire, about US$25

Is It Difficult to Trek to the Rainbow Mountain Tour?

The route has a section of high difficulty due to its altitude, it is recommended that you are in good physical condition.

Rainbow Mountain Trek Facts

Given the opportunity to be able to visit this beautiful mountain and its surroundings, the tourist agencies are making tours of one and two days.

The one day tour to the Rainbow Mountain tour starts at 4 am approx. And end at 6 pm approx. Prices vary according to the services provided (tickets, horses, snacks, water, cooks, assistance) which gives them more quality over others.

And also a 2-day tour to the 7 Colors and Ausangate Mountain, this tour not only takes the walk but also that a ceremony is held with a shaman, this is the Pacha Mama or payment to the mother earth, Where positive energies are also filled with those who wish to do so. This tour also includes basic aspects such as complete feeding.

Visiting this beautiful tourist destination also has an invaluable detail, and is that at the top you can see the snowy Ausangate, which gives us a view out of series, perfect for photographers and fans.

Undoubtedly the whole sacrifice is worth it, since not only can you know one of the many wonders that we have in Peru but contribute to the development of small self-sufficient communities and this will, without doubt, it’ll make you feel better.

It is also worth mentioning that the people have organized themselves to provide basic services such as basic but very useful bathrooms, so the locals charge some money, who use it in their basic needs.