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An Amazon paradise admired by the world

An Amazon paradise admired by the world

A Paradise blessed with the greatest biodiversity in the world, The area is inhabited by native settlers, who have their traditions from their antiquity intact, their life is totally with nature. This area is totally surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and a variety of exotic animals of the Amazon in Peru. Becoming an ideal place for lovers of nature and experiential tourism.

About the Manu National Park

The Manu National Park, a World Heritage Site, is one of the most biodiverse reserves in the world. It is located in the southern region of Peru, between Cusco (provinces of Paucartambo and Pilcopata) and Madre de Dios (provinces of Fitzcarrald and Manu), covering the entire Manu river basin.

Inside, there are 30 peasant communities that still maintain the Quechua language, as well as several native Amazonian populations such as Matsiguenka, Amahuaca, Yine, Amarakaeri, Huashipaire and Nahua. There are also indigenous populations in voluntary isolation called “uncontacted”

Created on May 29, 1973, the park is the natural environment of more than 20,000 vascular plants, 1200 species of butterflies, 800 birds, 200 mammals and an unknown number of reptiles, amphibians and insects. There are up to five areas recommended for tourist visits, which makes it one of the best destinations for natural tourism.

The Manu National Park has a great diversity of animal species, one of its main attractions being the clay licks, habitat of flocks of macaws. Also they emphasize the harpy eagle, the jabirú, the pink spatula, the goose of the forest and the gall of gallo. Inside the park there is a metal tower 18 meters high and a high walk on a platform that facilitates the best bird watching and the immensity of the forest from the tops of the trees.

To get a breathtaking view it is recommended to get to the Tres Cruces viewpoint and appreciate the sunrise, as well as two opposite landscapes: the Andean high plateau and the cloud forest. It is best to go between May and August, when the sky is clear, allowing you to see the appearance of the sun twice during the same dawn, due to a phenomenon of nature.

The Manu has one of the most recognized research centers for the Amazon: the biological station of Cocha Cashu, as well as an interpretation center in the Limonal surveillance post.

Services within the Park: hostels, interpretation center, police station, bathroom, park rangers and radio

Services outside the park:

  • Boat rental, police station and medical post.
  • Activities: bird watching, flora, fauna and landscape, hiking, camping, research studies, photography and filming.


The authorizations to enter the Manu National Park for tourism are granted to the operating companies, which in turn offer various services and packages within the park. It is not possible to enter freely. The making of photographs or films has a cost of 10% of the UIT

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