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You can walk to the mountain of seven colors and Palcoyo

Have you heard about Vinicunca, also called the Mountain of 7 Colors? This natural attraction located in Cusco grows in popularity every day. Today, there is another similar attraction called Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors, you can walk to the mountain of seven colors and palcoyo.

What to see on Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors? Learn more about this new attraction in the Peruvian Andes.

Mountain of the Seven Colors of Palccoyo: what is it, where is it? and how to get there?

What is the mountain of Palccoyo’s seven colors?

Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors is a set of colors similarly dyed to Rainbow Mountain, due to a process of mineralization over millions of years.

Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain is a great option if you don’t feel fit for long walks but want to enjoy amazing scenery.

What is the difference between Vinicunca and Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors?

Unlike Vinicunca, Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain is a little-known attraction with few visitors per day.

Getting there is much easier because it only includes a 1 hour walk. From the top you can see the snowy Ausangate like nowhere else. In addition there is a rock forest and a unique landscape around it.

Where is located?

Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors is located south of Cusco, a short distance from snowy Ausangate in Peru’s Andes. It is currently in the district of Checacupe, Canchis province.

How high is Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors?

Palccoyo is 4,900 meters above sea level (msnm), 300 meters at an altitude lower than the 7 Colors Vinicunca Mountain (5,200 msnm).

How to get

Cerro Colorado de Palccoyo is located almost 100 kilometers from the city of Cusco . To get there, you must follow the following path:

  • Travel by bus from Cusco city to Checacupe city (2 hours).
  • Travel from Checacupe to the city of Palccoyo. (30 minutes).
  • Walk from Palccoyo City to Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain (1 hour).

Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain: tours and prices

Palccoyo Mountain Seven Color Tours

The best way to get to Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain is through a travel agency. The most common services are those that last a full day and can be hired from Andean Peru Treks

Tours include a 1-hour hike to Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain. In addition, there are other excursions that include direct transportation to Cerro Colorado.

How much does a tour to Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven cost?

The Colorado Mountain Tour from Palcoyo costs approximately $ 70 USD . The price varies according to each travel agency and the quality of service they provide.

How to visit Palccoyo Mountain of Seven Colors without a tour?

Visiting Cerro Colorado is also possible without a tour. For this you just have to make the trip on your own to the city of Checacupé. From there, tickets are purchased directly. Visit without a tour is without tour guide.

How much does the Palccoyo Seven Colors Mountain ticket cost?

To visit Cerro Colorado on your own, you must buy the ticket to Palccoyo. The cost for foreigners is 10 soles ($ 3). National tourists pay 5 soles (2 dollars).

What does a tour of Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain include?

Excursions to Cerro Colorado vary by tourism agency. In general, tours include the following:

  • Tourist transportation from Cusco to Cerro Colorado and vice versa.
  • Tour guide service.
  • Entrance to Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain and surrounding attractions.
  • Lunch
  • First aid.

What to do on an excursion to Palccoyo?

For a visit to the Palccoyo Seven Colors Mountain range it is advisable to bring the appropriate tools to combat the heat of the day and the cold at dusk:

  • Cap and hat
  • Solar blocker.
  • Water
  • Rain Poncho (if it rains).
  • Trekking poles
  • Ideal shoes for walks.
  • Gloves and sunglasses.
  • Waterproof warm clothes.
  • Snacks
  • Ideal backpack for trekking.

Palccoyo Seven Colors Mountain: times, prices and tips

What’s the weather like on Palcino’s Seven Colors Mountain?

Palccoyo Mountain has a cold climate due to its proximity to the snowy Ausangate. The temperature may drop below 0 ° C. This is why, at some times of the year, the slopes are covered with snow.

What to see in Palccoyo mountain?

In addition to being a natural attraction of unrivaled beauty, the Seven Colors Mountain is a natural habitat for various types of animals such as llamas, alpacas, vizcachas, condors and more.

In the route that connects Cerro Colorado, there is a forest of rocks formed naturally millions of years ago. From there you can see the beauty of snowy Ausangate, the largest in Cusco.

What is the entrance time?

Due to the cold, visits to Palcino’s Seven Colors Mountain are only in the morning and in the afternoon. The hours of service are from 8:00 h. at 3 pm

When is the best time to visit the mountain?

The best time to visit Palccoyo’s Seven Colors Mountain is during the dry season (April to October). In those months, the rains occur much less often, making it easier to tour.

Tips for Traveling to Palccoyo’s Mountain of Seven Colors

  • It is recommended to acclimate to Cusco’s climate before visiting Palccoyo Mountain. Otherwise, the visitor may suffer from the so-called altitude sickness.
  • This mountain is a tourist attraction that receives few visitors every day. It is recommended to follow the indicated route and avoid looking for a different route.
  • It is advisable to find out what the weather is like in Palccoyo before making a reservation for 7 Colors Mountain. The cold can make the whole area covered with snow and the tour will be ruined.
  • The trekking route to this mountain is not as challenging as Vinicunca. This is why Palccoyo is a great choice for people who do not feel able to make the difficult trek to the 7 Color Mountain.
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