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Luxury hotels in Cusco, our favorite ones

It is time to recommend luxury hotels in Cusco, our favorites, those that we are sure will be yours after a stay no matter if long or short. The feeling will be unmatched.

If for some reason you can not make a decision, ask your travel specialist RESPONS, they know these hotels in person and can give you first-rate advice that will facilitate their decision.

Here they are, few options but many reasons to opt for them:

Palace of the Inca

Its dim lights will tempt you to go straight to bed, an element of fantastic furniture that will make you think twice before getting up the next day (maybe not a good idea). Alternatively, try the pool (unmissable!) Or maybe the spa and finish with the finest dinner of all. We are not suggesting that you spend much of your vacation indoors, but at Palacio del Inca you will know how to take care of it.


The only fact of entering this exclusive hotel is to breathe history in each inhalation. We do not want to give you lessons but we hope you’ll be interested to know that this ancient monastery has about five hundred years, and if you have any doubts, just admire the powerful 300-year-old cedar in the central courtyard. The service, by the way, is extraordinary.

Nazarenas Palace

In Nazarenas staff will not only take care of you while offering incredible amenities such as the pool (by far its main attraction), or special treatments at the spa, but also pay special attention to children: encouraging their tireless curiosity with games and educational books about the country in which they are now

Inkaterra La Casona

More a boutique hotel but equally luxurious and that’s why we think it deserves inclusion. Read why:

Perfection come true, not in vain La Casona has been awarded many times with different distinctions. Those that we like the most are: “Better environment and design” because it’s true !; and the one that makes us like ourselves even more is: “Defense of the environment”. This is a choice you will not regret.


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