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Paradise in Cusco: The Suykutambo Canyon

The Suykutambo Canyon, A stone fortress, lagoons with enigmatic reflections and archaeological centers not yet deciphered by science. These are some of the images that mark the route through this area: In the districts of Ccoporaque and Suyckutambo, in the province of Espinar, Cusco, there is Tres Cañones. The experience lasts three days and two nights. The best thing is that you take the services of an operator. The tour promises adventures and history.

South of the imperial city of Cusco, walls of more than 80 meters high stand next to the Colca Valley that are astonishing at first sight. The caprices of nature formed with erosion spectacular stone sculptures carved as by the hand of man. Great Inca sculptures whose shadows reveal extraordinary forms that will leave you with an image of them forever.

In addition to the landscape, unique flora and fauna, you can also visit pre-Inca and Inca archaeological remains.

These are imposing rock formations over 80 meters high, surrounded by the Apurímac, Callumani and Cerritambo rivers. In the place you can find a viewpoint where the visitor can stay as long as you want while observing the natural wonder.


It is between 3500 and almost 5000 m.s.

The geological one of that consists of Three Canyons integrated by mountains in whose tops rock formations of supernatural aspect are raised. By projecting their shadows throughout the day, they acquire different forms such as: hands, mythological animals, imploring human beings. The erosion has formed three perfect alleys with enormous farallones of volcanic earth which join to form a natural amphitheater where the three flows come together surrounded by forests of queuñas and tholas, elements that make up a majestic landscape.

This tourist site is located almost 4 thousand meters above sea level, was declared last August as a Regional Conservation Area (ACR) by the Ministry of Environment, after several efforts of management of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the Regional Government of Cusco.

The Three Canyons of Suycutambo have an extension of 39,485 hectares and is the habitat of animals such as alpacas, llamas, vizcachas and tarucas, with a bit of luck you can see them. Among the flora are the large Queuñas and the unique Raimondi puyas of the place.

A few minutes away are the archaeological sites of Kanamarca and Mauka Llaqta, from pre-Inca and Inca times, these sites are still a subject of investigation.

The trip from Cusco, can last between 5 and 6 hours, previously passing through other tourist sites such as Tipón, Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, and the lagoon of Langui-Layo. From Espinar to Suyckultambo the road is still a path

What can we appreciate in the Suykutambo Canyon?

  • We can see impressive geological formations of volcanic origin of 80 meters high that give the appearance of endless and mysterious stone forests.
  • We can find an immense forest richness composed of queñuas (Polylepis) and tholas (Parastrephia lepidophylla), which give rise to their name and where they cross the rivers; In the same way it also has an incredible fauna and is habitat for the puma Raimondi, taruca and the popular vicuna.
  • In addition, we can find a complex archaeological site that is believed to be the capital of the K’ana nation during the Inca era.
  • For the adventurers it is an attraction for its wide places to explore and in addition to doing adventure sports such as canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, downhill, rappelling and biking, motocross, 4 × 4, hiking, among others. The same ones that you can write us to info@andeanperutreks.com and we will organize a special expedition for you
  • Around there are archaeological sites such as Maukallacta and Taqrachullo, the first has 44 enclosures of circular and semicircular forms.
  • In the future this area will become a regional conservation area that would cover 39 485 hectares.
  • Every year the Eco-sport Festival of Tourism and Native Dance takes place in the place.
  • On the route to Suykutambo it is possible to visit the Wiracocha Temple, a huge rectangular structure with two floors, where the lower part is made of stone and the upper one is made of clay. Also taking a small detour, you can see the Four Lagoons.

How to get to the Suykutambo Canyon?

It is not easy to get to the Suykutambo Canyon because, as it is a little known place, vehicles do not circulate in this area, so the best option is to do it with a travel agent, we can organize your walk, where we will take care of all the aspects that This tour will be a unique experience without any inconvenience.

Schedule of admission:

It is possible to enter the Suykutambo Canyon at any time, there are no time parameters; but the most advisable thing is to go in the morning to be able to enjoy much more of this impressive place.

Entrance fee:

There is currently no entry fee for what is free income, but always respecting the environment


If you want to travel with Andean Peru Treks, we recommend the following to have a pleasant experience

  • You should go with comfortable shoes that protect you, preferably specialized walking shoes.
  • Wear light clothing, especially cotton clothing.
  • It is important to use sunscreen every 2 hours at least and wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from solar radiation better.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water, there are no stalls so it is better to go prepared.
  • Sandwiches are important whether they are nuts or energy bars that will help you recover your strength and keep you satisfied.
  • In Andean Peru Treks we ask you not to leave trash in the place Take care of the Environment!

Important aspects to be highlighted of the Suykutambo Canyon

  • The gentle caresses of the wind, the forced passage of the rivers and the rain, formed in millions of years these gigantic stone walls.
  • The rock formations that are in the area, have a height between 80 to 250 meters.
  • The rivers: Apurímac, the river Callumani and Cerritambo, Three rivers converge in this area. In the district of Coporaque and Suykutambo in the province of Espinar.
  • The beautiful fauna that exists in the place is very varied, so we can find vicuñas, vizcachas, tarucas and pumas. Wildlife adorns Three Canyons with Queuñales, Tholas, Royales de Puya Raimondi and high Andean pajonales.
  • Between the 1000 years before Christ and 1430 after Christ, civilizations such as Tiahuanaco, Huari, Collao, Kaluyo and the great Inca civilization inhabited these valleys, mountains and the summit surrounding Tres Cañones. Existing vestiges of its great culture.
  • The Three Canyons of Suycutambo is also the scene of adventure sports competitions and several festivals of indigenous dances and tourism that attracts thousands of recognized athletes and tourism in general.
  • The Regional Conservation Area of ​​Tres Cañones stands out, protecting flora such as the Puya de Raimondi and the fauna of the majestic Andean condor

About the Peasant Communities in the Suykutambo Canyon

The rural communities that make up the Regional Conservation Area are Cerritambo, Mamanihuayta and Manturca, there are more than 1500 people that live in this place. The protected area conserves the sources of natural water of the neighboring communities that are the hydric mattresses of the heights.

The Three Canyons and their magnificent geology are destined to become one of the best scenarios for adventure sports, do not miss the opportunity to know and feel the living nature, stroll through the history of our ancestors and enjoy the best adventure sports surrounded by stone giants that impress with their magnificence.

Archaeological Site of Kanamarca

Enjoy knowing these impressive places in Peru, live the magic and acquire new experiences sharing experiences with local people, with Andean Peru Treks, your best and most responsible option


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