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Tourist Transport Service in Cusco Private Tours Transfers

Private tours and transfer in Cusco

W We are a company that provides responsible and safe tourist transport service , we have professional drivers with values ​​characterized by providing excellent service to our customers in order to exceed their expectations. We offer transportation with mobile units of the year: 2 cars with 1 to 3 passengers and a mini bus (H1) with 4 to 8 passengers.



Airport Hotel en cusco (viceversa) 6.00 10.00
Airport Estación Poroy (viceversa) 15.00 20.00
Airport Hotel en el valle Urubamba  (viceversa) 25.00 50.00
Airport Estación Ollantaytambo (viceversa) 30.00 55.00


Hotel Cusco Estación de Ollantaytambo (viceversa) 30.00 55.00
Hotel Cusco Estación Poroy (viceversa) 15.00 20.00


Hotel Cusco Estación de Ollantaytambo (viceversa) 55.00 80.00
City Tour (Qoricancha + Sacsayhuaman + Tambomachay + Qenqo) 30.00 40.00
Traditional  Sacred Valley (Pisaq Market P. Urubamba- Ollantaytambo) 60.00 80.00
Sacred Valley Vip (Chinchero, Maras Moray Salineras Ollantaytambo and Pisaq) 70.00 95.00
Chinchero Maras, Moray, Salineras 60.00 70.00
Soraypampa (Challacancha – Humantay Lagoon) 85.00 105.00
7 Color Mountain 85.00 105.00
Cusco – Km 82 80.00 95.00
Cusco – Lares 90.00 110.00
Cusco – Cachora 95.00 115.00
Cusco – Capuliyoc (start of Choquequirao road) 100.00 120.00
Cusco – Tinki 80.00 100.00
Cusco – Pacchanta (round trip) 95.00 115.00
Cusco – Puno (Stops in Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, Sicuani, Raya, Pukara) 215.00 315.00
Cusco – Pto. Maldonado 220.00 350.00

  • If the customer wants an invoice, the cost of the fee is increased by 18%.
  1. Tourist Transport Service in Cusco   is a company that offers tourist services, as well as the provision of means of transport. At the same time we are an intermediary between our clients and third parties, such as: Airlines, hotel operators, train operators, travel insurance and any other type of private or public independent service of the tourist platform. If you, dear customer, request a service on the Tourist Transport Service platform, please read the terms and conditions carefully, as well as the provision of services. If you have any questions or do not agree with any section of the content, we would appreciate that you send us an e-mail to: jesus2092@hotmail.com or info@andeanperutreks.com Or you can write to whatsApp + 51 972672462 +51 918851339 to provide more information and detailed advice, so we can understand and serve you better and make your trip much safer and more enjoyable.
  2. Tourist Transportation Service in Cusco , is obliged to inform with complete veracity the itinerary of its programs, so you must establish a monitoring control and a strategic alliance with external operators to provide a quality service. Tourist Transportation Service in Cusco , is limited to acting on its own, in the acquisition of external services that are not included in our travel programs, we only act in order and requirement of our customers for the acquisition of external services, guaranteeing the acquisition of the service according to the requirement of our customers.
  1. Security. It will ensure a satisfactory and safe stay in each of its destinations, carrying out a continuous monitoring control to its team of collaborators and external operators that are not related to the company; for the fulfillment of the services agreed with its clients. The company is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the client, inside and / or outside any type of public and / or private establishment, as well as in tourist attractions. Also in fortuitous cases such as; climatic conditions, governmental actions, Social or any other type of factors that imply additional expenses coming from delays, cancellation of flights, departure and arrival of means of transport, change of itineraries in railway lines and others. The company is not responsible for such damages and costs.
  1. Reservations . Reservations will be made 5 days in advance by sending your request to the email jesus2092@hotmail.com info@andeanperutreks.com
N ° Name
From TO Car My bus Serv. Date Time

Our priority is to protect the personal data of our customers, reservations are generated through a unique confirmation code according to the company’s policies.

Full payment is required 72 hours before the service is performed; with deposit to the Company account. – If the payment is not made during this period, the reservation will be canceled.

  1. Rates . All our prices and rates are expressed in: Peruvian Soles, the rates of our services are until August 31 as it could undergo some modification according to the currency trend in the market. The prices and rates of our Services, unless the travel program has a different specification. The prices do not include the IGV of 18% and everything that is not stipulated in the program.
  1. Itinerary . The itineraries of our travel programs are carefully planned, but for operational reasons the external tourist infrastructure may undergo some modification, in cases like this the company can make a slight modification for the proper development of the itinerary. In cases such as: unfavorable weather conditions, natural disasters, governmental, social actions that lead to changing the travel itinerary, the company is obliged to inform its customers about the events that are occurring in the destination to travel in advance.
  1. Means of Payment . The services provided, which may vary according to the service contracted. The company confirms the reservation and the customer guarantees this reservation 100% with the transaction code in a time not exceeding 2 days, once the reservation is confirmed the company guarantees the fulfillment of the itinerary without making any modification.


The method is through bank deposit to a savings account at the BCP or INTERBANK, sent money through Western Union or Banco de la Nación, to a company representative.

  1. NO SHOWS. With regard to cancellations and modifications of date, they will be under the title and absolute responsibility of the client, the company reserves to guarantee the 100% refund of the amount transferred. Cancellation requests will be accepted before at least 2 days of the date indicated for the trip, and will be subject to a penalty of 20% of the total cost for administrative expenses. No refunds and reimbursement are considered for non-presentation of the service, at the beginning of the tour and / or for cancellation during the tour. In the same way there will be no reimbursement for services not taken by the pax. Major reasons such as weather conditions that are beyond the control of the company and that these lead to the interruption of the service and the cancellation or delay in the tourist infrastructure in some services,
  1. We recommend all our clients to have their VISA – passport in force, and always carry their personal documentation and their migration card, all this documentation must be duly verified by the respective entities of their country for acceptance in the destinations to travel, since The laws are different in each country. To make your trip much safer and more pleasant dear customer, let us know any kind of preferences you have or allergies to certain products and environments, as in; food, personal preferences, allergies, physical conditions, health status and others to take precautions. All our clients who use any means of tourist transport must take into account the protection of their personal belongings,
  1. Obligations . It is in the obligation to comply 100% with the services agreed with the client, in fortuitous cases if the services were not fulfilled according to the stipulated in the contract and this responsibility is attributable to the company, the client is in the obligation of demand a refund or request a higher category service. In this case the company must search

The best alternative to provide all the facilities to repair the damage that has been caused, in extreme cases if both parties do not reach an agreement, the client may submit their claim to INDECOPI according to the

procedure of law, and the company must base why the service was not provided according to the stipulated in the contract or what were the causes for the breach of the itinerary.

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