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Hot Springs in Machu Picchu Pueblo

2019-08-24T17:56:17+02:00Alternative Treks|

"Machu Picchu Pueblo", the town below the Inca city of Machu Picchu, is known worldwide as "Aguas Calientes" and it is because less than a kilometer from the town, you can find "hot spring baths"; well, they are actually thermo-medicinal waters, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains.     Where are the Hot Springs [...]

How is the road from hydroelectric power station to Aguas Calientes?

2019-08-24T18:24:50+02:00Ticket To Machu Picchu|

  There are three ways to get to Machu Picchu. The best known is the train journey to the town of Aguas Calientes, the last point before arriving at the Wonder of the World. The other is through the famous 4-day route known as the Inca Trail. The last one is the walk from the [...]

How to arm the backpack? 9 advice for backpackers

2019-08-23T19:26:38+02:00Guide of Activities and Tours in Cusco|

A trip is much more likely to be successful when you prepare well. Or at least, never miss anything while you're on the road. If you are about to go backpacking, it is essential that you know how to prepare the backpack in the best way, avoiding bad times later. When you go backpacking, conditions [...]

7 secrets of Cusco that do not appear in the guides

2019-08-21T20:00:55+02:00Guide of Activities and Tours in Cusco|

Every big city hides secrets that remain under the radar of mass tourism, and Cusco is no exception. From hidden temples just an hour's walk from the Plaza de Armas, through a mysterious Haunted House, to a psychedelic dawn of three suns, these are the 7 secrets of Cusco that you will not find in [...]

Perfect 2 day plan in Cusco

2019-08-21T18:29:06+02:00Blog, Guide of Activities and Tours in Cusco|

DÍA 1 Nuestro plan perfecto de 2 días en Cusco comienza con el recorrido por el Valle Sagrado de los Incas y Machu Picchu. Cruzarás ríos, pequeños arroyos y valles mientras conoces varios de los pueblos y centros arqueológicos de la región. Todo esto mientras te diriges hacia la gran ciudadela de Machu Picchu.   [...]

Perfect 1 day plan in Cusco

2019-08-21T18:42:55+02:00Guide of Activities and Tours in Cusco|

  Ideal for a quick vacation, traveling 1 day to Cusco is enough to know most of its spectacular attractions, Our Perfect 1 day Plan in Cusco is based on the experience of thousands of passengers who have already traveled with us     Wherever you come from, the moment you step on Cusco, you [...]

Mobility Inca Bridge Qeswachaca + Mountain of Colors

2019-08-16T23:54:53+02:00Tourist Transport Service|

Departure from Cusco 4 am in our private mobility, we will go to the South of Cusco, town of Cusipata where we will make a stop for breakfast and then continue with the trip to Combapata and go to the Inca Bridge Q'eswachaka, Inca bridge of vegetable fiber , where we will have time [...]

Promotion for National Tourists by Tourist Train


We will pick you up at your hostel 17:30 we will go to Ollantaytambo to take the train from Ollantaytambo to hot waters (Machu Picchu town) where you spend the night and the next day visit the citadel of Machu Picchu and at night return to Ollantaytambo where you pick up a bus and [...]

The 3 romantic places in Cusco

2019-08-12T19:09:14+02:00Alternative Treks|

  1.-THREE CROSSES, PAUCARTAMBO   If the sunsets sound a bit cliché, then you can try their opposite at the Tres Cruces de Paucartambo viewpoint. This is the most special sunrise in the world, since you don't see one, if not 3 suns thanks to the optical phenomenon that is produced by the atmosphere   [...]