+51 918 837 781 info@andeanperutreks.com
+51 918 837 781 info@andeanperutreks.com

Why Andean Peru Treks?

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We help all travelers to travel in Peru in comfort and our assistance.


We offer you the options of the best hotels for your stay in Perú.


All our assistants will be attentive to your messages by phone and e-mail.

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We offer you the best tours in Peru to make your trip unforgettable.

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Andean Peru Treks is a company with new ideas to organize adventure trips and change your way of traveling, in a sustainable and responsible manner; We organize tours for families, honeymoons, and trips between friends;The experience we offer is unique in a personalized service; We are committed to comply with what we offer, our work is guaranteed; We make your trip unforgettable, visiting one of the wonders of the world of Machu Picchu.

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«Exploring Peruvian Inkas sites»

Andean Peru treks Our travel and tourism agency in Cusco ANDEAN PERU TREKS offers you tour packages for your dream trip to Machu Picchu.

For you to make queries or reservations of tours to Machu Picchu contact us through our form or write to info@andeanperutreks.com, and we will contact you in the shortest possible time to indicate the reservation process and / or provide you the information that you need.

We operate our own tours, we have a team of highly trained professionals to provide a private and personalized service; Our expeditions are designed for the most demanding tourists and we have the right equipment for each camping area, since the Andes offer a variety of climates and microclimates.

Our guides: They are professionals trained in the National University of Cusco and Higher Institutes of Prestige; They speak their mother tongue, Quechua and Spanish and for work they also speak English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese … etc ..

Our Chefs: They are professionals with culinary studies in recognized institutes of the city of Cusco and receive annual training in gastronomy of Peru and South America.

Our food: It is varied and rich in quantity and quality, we use products from our region and often from the places where we operate, we are aware of the variety of types of food that our passengers require, so we offer all the available options, just enough to to tell us what they need.

During our trips we offer, varied breakfasts, exquisite lunches and dinners with nutritious products that gives us the Land of Cusco, so that our tourists enjoy the local cuisine.

Our camping equipment: We have a camping equipment suitable for all ages and different geographical areas of our Andes, sleeping bags in feathers and synthetics as well as inflatable mattresses.

How we work: We carry out alternative routes with responsibility and in a sustainable manner.

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