7 must see places during your visit to Cusco

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7 must see places during your visit to Cusco

7 must see places during your visit to Cusco: Cusco is the main tourist center of Peru and one of the main destinations of South America. The attractions begin in the same city and extend along its valleys and snowy peaks, until reaching the very marvel of the world. Below is a list of 7 places that should not be missed during your visit to the sacred lands of the Incas.

The neighborhood of San Blas

Within the city of Cusco you will not find a more traditional and beautiful place than the neighborhood of San Blas. It is reached through the Hatun Rumiyoc street, where you can see the spectacular “Stone of the 12 angles”, until you reach the slope of San Blas, a narrow street that opens between colonial mansions and craft shops, which will take you to the square of San Blas, there you can see its temple, which has a beautiful pulpit carved in baroque wood, in addition there are the workshops of the most renowned craftsmen from Cusco. In the whole neighborhood you will find many hotels, restaurants, pubs and mystical centers, a place to rejoice and get lost in time.


The strength of Sacsayhuamán is one of the most amazing constructions that the Incas did. Located 2 km from the city of Cusco, its incredible cyclopean walls stand out very well; also stand the towers located on the walls that are zigzag and the huge trapezoidal doors. You can spend a fun time slipping through the Suchunas (rodaderos) or crossing the Chincanas (tunnels). In Sacsayhuamán every June 24 the Inti Raymi or fiesta of the Sun takes place


Already in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Pisac will surprise you in two ways. First with its world-famous traditional market, with innumerable stalls between the streets of the town to reach its main square, in this market you can find crafts of all kinds, ceramics, fabrics and silverware that stand out. Already behind the village, on top of a mountain, you can find the Inca buildings, the best preserved that exist, with magnificent structures such as the Temple of the Sun or its spectacular andenería.



Continuing in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Ollantaytambo is the obligatory point of passage for all visitors to Machu Picchu, and not just because the train station is located there, but because of the spectacular archaeological complex that is there, a incredible place, as well as its spectacular Temple of the Sun which is a Monolith of 6 huge rocks that fit exactly and is located at the top of the complex. The town itself is also a delight, with its houses and streets that seem to be stopped in time, you can enjoy a pleasant moment in one of its hotels or restaurants there. Ollantaytambo is definitely a place you will not forget.


Choquequirao is a spectacular Inca city, located in a remote place near the snowy Salkantay. It is considered the sister city of Machu Picchu and it surprises as much as this one. There is no way to get to Choquequirao with mobility, so you must do a 60 km walk and it lasts 4 days. It is not a simple route, but full of adventure, with amazing mountain landscapes, abundant Andean flora and fauna. The Inca city of Choquequirao will pleasantly surprise you, it is a place that you can enjoy more quietly, as the visitor traffic is much lower than in Machu Picchu. It is a unique place in the world, a formidable place molded by the Incas themselves and that time has preserved almost intact to this day.

Rainbow Mountain

Yes, a multicolored mountain that has become known completely not long ago, a unique natural spectacle in the world. The Vinicunca mountain, which is about 4200 m.s. is the protagonist, also known as the “Rainbow Mountain”, this spectacular geographical feature belongs to the Ausangate, which is the highest in the Vilcanota mountain range, has become one of the most popular destinations in Cusco. When you arrive at the mountain of 7 colors, in one of the many daily tours that go there, you will not believe your eyes before this singular show, only the photos that will be taken will make this amazing experience credible. Definitely a place that you should not miss.

Machu Picchu

And finely the Inca jewel, Machu Picchu. A trip to Cusco would not be considered as such, but goes to the wonder of the world. The Inca city stands imposing between the Andes and the jungle, showing the world as one of the greatest works of man and that can be enjoyed intact even today. Despite its difficult location, getting to Machu Picchu is relatively easy and you can do it in many ways, whether you like comfort or adventure. There is no excuse for not visiting the masterpiece of the Incas, the obligatory place to visit of all those who arrive in Cusco.



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