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How is the Climate in Machu Picchu?

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We know that many of the people who travel to Machu Picchu do it for the only time; We also know that all people expect the best from this trip. We can secure your Machu Picchu Tickets, or if you wish, we will take care of your entire itinerary; however, only you can choose the [...]

Ecological Information of Cusco

2019-06-28T20:07:44+02:00Ecological Information|

Ecological Information of Cusco.- Cusco is one of those departments that has it all. A kind of country in miniature, where dozens of landscapes, climates and reliefs converge that make its territory a true delight for the traveler. From the perspective offered by the satellite images, the department appears as a territory almost divided into [...]

An Amazon paradise admired by the world

2019-06-28T20:11:05+02:00Ecological Information|

An Amazon paradise admired by the world A Paradise blessed with the greatest biodiversity in the world, inhabited by native communities that still keep alive their ancestral traditions and live in harmony with nature. This fascinating destination is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and exotic animals in the Peruvian Amazon. Becoming an ideal place for lovers [...]