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TOP 10 of the best restaurants in Cusco

TOP 10 of the best restaurants in Cusco, Are you planning to visit the ancient Inca capital and do not know where to eat?


MESA 24/7 recommends 10 of the best restaurants in the secret culinary world of Cusco. We recommend you book your table with time since it is the busiest season for tourists in Peru.

1.Greens Organic

Located on the second floor of a colonial building, with carved stones from the Incas, Incanto is by far the ideal place for a healthy snack after a tiring day in Cusco. The best restaurant in the Sacred Valley that offers breakfast and lunch with fresh organic ingredients from the area. Start your day with one of the freshest orange juices in town. Do not miss the abundant salads, pasta made at home and its famous trout with asparagus with its succulent alpaca medallions. A friendly, relaxed place to recharge your batteries to continue your adventures in Cusco.


Formerly a Grand Palace of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, it was converted into a restaurant whose cuisine is a mixture of Italian and Peruvian food. Located in front of Cusco’s main square, Incanto Pizzeria offers a wide variety of pizzas, breads and pastas with its large wood-fired oven. The tagliteles in squid sauce, local Cusco cheese accompanied by quinoa croquettes, make a perfect combination you will find in Incanto. We recommend the osobuco accompanied by mashed potatoes. You can accompany your dinner or lunch with the best selection of wines to make your meal unforgettable in front of an imperial square.

3.Inka Grill

It is located in one of the best views in the restaurants of Cusco, on the corner of the Plaza de Armas of the imperial city of Cusco. Its specialty is Novoandina food and international cuisine, offering delicious creations using fresh ingredients such as trout, alpaca, quinoa and Andean cheese. It is located in one of the best views in the restaurants of Cusco, on the corner of the Plaza de Armas of the imperial city of Cusco. The restaurant with more than 15 years of experience in the gastronomic field with its excellent location with its cozy atmosphere and in the heart of the imperial city of Cusco. A place you can not miss

4.Le Soleil

Tired of Andean food? How about French food for dinner? The Soleil restaurant in Cusco is one of the most elegant restaurants in the imperial city with its French dishes and its special wine list to accompany your meal. If you are celebrating a special occasion, the confit duck, rillettes and a creme brulee are waiting for you and your partner. With a subtle and romantic style of decoration, you will be dazzled by a sparkling champagne or a traditional Bordeaux wine. Our recommendation is that you taste the 7-step dish along with the duck a l’orange baked in the imperial city of Cusco but with the style of Paris.


This restaurant overlooks the Plaza de Armas of the imperial city of Cusco and is located on the top floor of a colonial house. The most elegant area of the place and with its great variety of Pisco. Have you never taken Pisco before? It is the flag liquor of Peru!It is a liqueur better known in the area as aguardiente made from grapes with a unique flavor in the mixture of exotic fruits from Latin America. A place of relaxation with an incredible view. And about the food? La Cocina specializes in Peruvian-Asian seafood dishes, such as fantastic dishes such as sushi (which you only try in Peru) and tiraditos (a kind of sashimi with an electrifying flavor).

6.MAP coffee

The restaurant of culture and unique culinary experience. You will be dining surrounded by walls of vidirio so you can appreciate the colonial architecture that you have a few meters away. Delight in the Peruvian fusion food served by elegant waiters. Traditional Peruvian dishes reinvented in a tour at night and by candlelight. You have to enjoy the black and red quinoa that taste like cannelloni with truffle or spicy shrimp.

This restaurant is located in the traditional colonial neighborhood of San Blas, its main specialty is traditional gourmet dishes. The restaurant is recommended to eat on a clear day, sitting on its wooden stools and its beautiful view. If it is a little cold, do not worry, the patio is kept at temperature with heaters and a huge clay oven. Our recommendations for dishes in Cusco are the best dishes such as baked guinea pig, baked trout or alpaca anticucho. If you feel particularly adventurous in a culinary way, pre order your specialty: oven baked with red pepper sauce Discover the purest traditional flavors in a charming atmosphere!


With a privileged view located inside the 16th century colonial monastery, Pirqa (Restaurant of the JW Marriott) serves modern Peruvian food using regional ingredients such as yellow potatoes, trout, quinoa and chocolate from Quillabamba. Experience a historic culinary site designated by the Peruvian government as a cultural heritage site. Do you want to reinvent Peruvian recipes?  To get to know Andean food better, why not make it ourselves? The JW Marriott offers culinary class too!


One of the most popular, charming and dicky restaurants located on the second floor in an old colonial house minutes from the main square.The restaurant offers an international menu that you can book for an intimate moonlit dinner with romantic candlelight. The place is always quite full of diners, and they do not accept reservations, so we recommend you arrive early.

10.The Bodega 138

This restaurant is known for its extreme delight in the dishes they offer. The pizza restaurant Bodega 138 with its original recipes, the best pizzas in the imperial city of Cusco. You can not miss the spaghetti a la carbonara, simply one of the best we have tasted (without exaggerating) They do not accept reservations either.


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