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Hotels in Cusco, our favorite little hotels

If you are a permanent follower of our social networks, or avid reader of our blog, it is likely that you have already found our list of favorite boutique hotels in Lima, given that the capital city is naturally the first destination for arriving travelers to Peru.

Second, but not least, we want to share our list of favorite boutique hotels in Cusco now. A set of beautiful and intimate accommodations that will mark a before and after throughout his experience in the ancient capital of the Incas.

Antigua Casona San Blas

It is not necessarily a small and intimate accommodation as we normally like, but its beauty made us reconsider it and include it in our list.

With three different room categories and counting an old and traditional section, and a new and more modern one, this place has everything you need to satisfy your needs. And above all, it is located in our favorite neighborhood of San Blas.

Quinua Villa Boutique

This is an alternative very different from the others, because we are talking about five mini departments of modern appearance but inspired by periods of Peruvian history, what could seem a limited variety of options but that nevertheless make a decision for some of them is something difficult. The apartments are quite comfortable for a long stay during a self-guided visit in Cusco, while some have fantastic views of the city.

The market

Do not get confused, this themed hotel that reflects an atmosphere inspired by a popular market, is a hidden gem behind a facade that discreetly hides what’s inside. The concept is beyond the ordinary for anyone seeking accommodation, but never to the point of being incompatible. We bet you that it will be very novel for you to go by the mobile food carts inside the hotel and be tempted to ask for one of Nalia’s juices or anything else of the other existing options

Tambo del Arriero

An interesting place where the old function of the building has been rescued and put in value, since as it expresses its name, the site offered refuge to the arrieros. The hotel now has all the necessary amenities while retaining the decoration of a classic “tambo” from Cusco.


After staying here you will never forget what an altarpiece is, and maybe even want to bring one back home. This is without a doubt a very special hotel, full of vibrant colors that celebrate the local culture in a very imaginative way.

Emerald House

A place that can be given the pleasure of saying that it offers “absolute silence” as part of its amenities. This is because it is located a bit away from the center, in a quiet neighborhood, so that you get a good rest in return if you do not mind the short walk to the hotel. In addition everything is completely new and of excellent quality

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