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Guide to choose accommodation in Cusco:

Cusco is one of the most famous cities in Peru, almost an obligatory destination for travelers. For this reason you will find a wide range of hotels and hostels. It can be difficult to choose accommodation in Cusco so we suggest a series of tips for you to take into account. You can enjoy the capital of the Inca Empire without paying more for a good place.

Guide to choose accommodation in Cusco:


Most travelers prefer to stay near the Plaza de Armas for several reasons: there are many restaurants and bars nearby; Craft shops; and the “security” of being where the bulk of tourists moves. It is an excellent location since you are within walking distance of the main attractions in the center. But, for many, the center can be very busy and some prefer not to be so surrounded by tourists.

Another option, center of the historic center but further away from the Plaza de Armas is the San Blas neighborhood. It is a bohemian area of ​​the city, with many proposals for visitors. Keep it in mind.

Consider that Cusco is a city located between the imposing mountains of the Andes. Around the Plaza de Armas you will find steep streets with irregular stone steps, so be careful and step firmly. If you are a backpacker keep this fact in mind because after walking with your backpack you will feel very tired in the legs


When choosing, one of the most important variables is the budget with which we travel. In Cuso there is a wide range of prices. You can find from basic accommodations to five-star hotels. Try that the budget is not the only variable when choosing accommodation in Cusco. The walks through the tourist attractions can be very exhausting and you will surely want to have some amenities when you arrive at your temporary home. There is nothing like a private room and a shower with hot water after a busy day of sightseeing. Maybe I can splurge a bit more but guarantee a good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that a bed in a shared dormitory of a hostel can be found for less than USD $ 10. This is the floor, prices go up later.


Any meal included may vary the price of the accommodation. Pay attention because the cheap breakfasts in the hostels can be just a piece of dry bread with jam, so be sure to check before choosing. The more expensive hotels usually have better options. There are accommodations that do not have breakfast included but do not worry, there are many options on every street in Cusco. You will find from fresh fruits, juices and cakes in the market; until full English breakfasts and pancakes in restaurants and cafes throughout the city.


If your criteria is based on style, you have several options, from hotel chain to independent accommodation. The style and individual flavor of the latter could be the ticket to complete your experience here.

Panoramic view

If you want to get up in the morning with an incredible view of Cusco, you have options to choose from. However, you will have to deal with the steep cobbled Inca streets that ply the city.

Areas such as San Blas, and the arteries surrounding Saphi Street north of the Plaza de Armas can offer great views, but keep in mind that this may not be guaranteed for your room. Always check before booking and specify your desire to have a good view.


Sometimes it can be useful to see what other people say about the different hotels and hostels. Checking sites like TripAdvisor can sometimes be misleading, since reviews are not verified, so they are not necessarily from people who stayed at that hotel. Booking engines like booking.com, hostelworld.com and expedia.com will show you genuine comments from guests, and even if you do not agree with their review, it is usually a good description of the hotel or hostel service. New accommodations may have difficulty generating reserves until they have created a “bank” of robust revisions. As the new hostels and hotels open frequently here, do not be afraid to try a place without comments when choosing accommodation in Cusco, everything adds up to the adventure!

Wherever you choose to stay in Cusco, be sure to get out and explore the city: the true magic of the Inca capital lies outside the walls of a hotel room

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