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Only a few days for the festivities in honor of the Imperial City of Cusco. As the location of the hostel is not close to the Plaza Mayor, where most of the festivities of our city take place, it is not a problem. Here we present some tips to make your stay in Cusco memorable in the company of In Casita.

1 ° If you are one of the newcomers to the city; When you get off the plane or bus you will have to go to your place of accommodation. It is better to know the exact address, it usually happens that when a tourist does not know the address well, taxi drivers realize and take advantage to raise their rates. Hostal In Casita is located 15 minutes from the Plaza Mayor, from the airport or the bus station, it is comfortable to pay up to 15 soles (local currency) since it will take almost twenty minutes to get to the hostel. What you can do best if you do not want to spend a lot in a taxi, is to leave the airport or the bus station, and take a taxi, it will be cheaper because the parking inside these places is charged for that taxi drivers go up to the Triple your rates. If you go to Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas), you can pay 10 soles, fair price for visitors, the distance is short, so it will take 10 to 15 minutes to get to the Plaza.

2 ° If for some reason when arriving in the city you feel somewhat dizzy or with a heavy body and lack of oxygen; quiet, it’s the height. Cusco is at almost 3400 m.s.n.m. but it is not to alarm you. What we most want is that you enjoy your trip to the fullest, as soon as you arrive at your accommodation, ask at reception for a coca tea, then rest for a period of 2 to 3 hours. This will make for when you wake up again, you feel like new and ready to enjoy our city.

3 ° The jubilee month of Cusco is June, the majority of tourists arrive this month for the holidays. Most of these parties are held outdoors, so we must take care of our skin since the weather will be sunny and very hot; This is what weather and climate specialists say. Hostal In Casita recommends that you always wear sunscreen high-end protection not only on the face, but also on the neck, ears, arms, shoulders, etc. All those places in our body that are exposed to the sun. Also, we recommend you always wear sunglasses to protect eyesight, hats or caps and always keep the sunscreen on hand to apply every 45 minutes or so.

4 ° To avoid problems with clothing, the most viable will be comfortable clothes and walking shoes. The parties that are celebrated here are in public places that is why most of them remain unemployed. As the weather will be hot, it is better to dress lightly, and carry in a backpack something that does not feel too cold in the afternoon and evening since at around 6 pm it starts to run very cold. This could make you sick with the flu or cough; it is always best to prevent.

5 ° In case you are going to buy something, it is always recommended that you do not accept the first price that the seller imposes. It is always good to “bargain” or lower the cost. A good way to do it is that when they offer us any product at 5 soles, we can tell them that we only have 4 soles. Many times the bidder will agree to pay 4 soles for the product, sometimes not accept. It all depends on how much you like the article and how much you are willing to pay. The best place to shop at fair and comfortable prices is at the Mercado de San Pedro. There you will find everything from food products to handicrafts and garments made by the ladies who have their small workshops in the same market. When the purchases are for food, Peruvians usually ask for a “yapa”, a Quechua word that means additional increase to the exact weight and for the same price.

6 ° Finally, we always recommend that light foods are consumed during the first days of travel, since the body needs to acclimate and adapt a little to our habits and way of life. What is most recommended is: chicken diet, grilled chicken, steamed chicken, mates or infusions, foods that will not cause any damage to your stomach.


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