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Machu Picchu Inca Trail Availability, 4 Days – 2023

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Do you want to know the spaces available for the Classic Inca Trail in 2023?

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The spaces for the Classic Inca Trail in April 2023 are not yet officially on sale, but you can now make your pre-reservation by contacting us. Authorized travel agencies like ours can insure tickets before the start of the official sale, which will be only in October 2019. Inca Trail Avalability 2023
Availability Classic Inca Trail April 2023.

The  free spaces will begin to decrease very soon, so we recommend you to make your pre-reservation as soon as possible. If there were no free dates on the days that you want, we suggest looking for different possible dates. On the other hand, we also have adventure tours to Machu Picchu that can be booked more easily: the Salkantay Trek – 5 Days and the Lares Trek – 4 Days . Finally, we have unforgettable guided tours to Machu Picchu , with daily departures, therefore, greater availability.
You can also see the Inca Short Trail – 2 Days , a milder version of this adventure trek.

Get to know the Classic Inca Trail 4 Days!

A series of adventures. If you talk about trekking in South America, definitely the most important is the Classic Inca Trail! An ancestral route with length of 43 kilometers, whose route is made by different and unforgettable landscapes including high mountain, subtropical forest, humid forests, Inca archaeological complexes and more. At the end of the journey you will find the citadel of Machu Picchu. A truly world-famous adventure!

Prepare a little! But first, due to the medium difficulty of the route, we recommend a physical preparation for the hike. To know more about this spectacular hike, you can read our article about the highlights of the Classic Inca Trail .

Climate Cusco in April

The stations defined are two. Each year we have two seasons: dry, in autumn-winter, from April to October and the rainy season that starts in November and ends in March (spring-summer). The dry season tends to be quite cold, especially between June and August, with little or no rain (although it is always necessary to bring a waterproof jacket). Since the rainy season is a little hotter, it obviously requires the rain jacket and also thick clothes for some nights.

By April 2023 . The weather starts to cool, as we enter the fall of the southern hemisphere and we also have some rains that close the season, are not very long and generally occur once a week. During the nights, it is also necessary to have warm clothes, as temperatures tend to fall, now with more rigor. You should bring the right clothes and always a rain jacket or rain poncho. We have a detailed article on the climate of Cusco , which will undoubtedly be very useful, Inca Trail Avalability 2023.

Expert baggage for the Classic Inca Trail

Make an excellent backpack! Finding good information on what to take to the Inca Trail 4 Days can be laborious, so we have made available to our customers a list of things that are really useful for this adventure. That way you will avoid carrying unnecessary things and you will enjoy this experience much more. We are sure that the luggage list for the Inca Trail will be very useful. On this website you will also find all the additional information you need to have a perfect adventure in the Andean-Amazonian heights, Inca Trail Avalability 2023.

Make your pre-booking now!

Check availability Inca Trail April 2023, and if you find the exact dates for you, we invite you to make your reservation as soon as possible and take the first step to an extraordinary adventure.

What to bring in your backpack to the Inca Trail

  • Passport and/or ISIC card (if you are a student).
  • Suitable backpack for hiking days & rain cover.
  • Personal sleeping bag.
  • Walking sticks, these must have a rubber tip.
  • Shoes suitable for walking with ample support at the ankle.
  • Light clothing for walking: hat, shorts, polo shirts or light shirts.
  • Warm clothing for cold nights, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and a hat and gloves.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • First aid kit: small towel, toilet paper, etc.
  • Raincoat and/or umbrella.
  • Camera and / or film camera.
  • Flashlight.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Medicine and/or articles for personal use (pair of bandages, cream for muscular pain, pills for altitude sickness, fever, stomach discomfort).
  • Book, notebook & pen.
  • Extra money in small denominations.

The city of Cusco is another great adventure!

A place with millenary history. An excellent suggestion is to make the Cusco City Tour , which will take you on an unforgettable tour of the most important historical and archaeological sites. Also, we recommend reading the article about 20 things you can do in the city of Cusco , which is a brief guide to many activities you can enjoy in our capital. Most visitors who come to the Inca Classic Trail are in the city before and / or after, and take the opportunity to get to know it better, Inca Trail Avalability 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions for the Inca 2023 Trail

How to make the reservation for the Inca Trail for this 2023?

To make your reservation for the 4 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you need to fill out our reservation form. If you wish you can talk to our specialists. To make your reservation it is necessary to make an initial deposit of 50% per person. As soon as we receive your completed reservation form and deposit, we will send you an email confirming your reservation. With the payment your space is secured and we will send you a proof of it.

How far in advance should I reserve my spaces for the Inca Trail 2023?

Due to the high demand of the Inca Trail, it is essential to reserve at least 6 months or a year in advance.

Why reserve spaces for the Inca 2023 Trail in advance?

The Inca Trail is a very popular tour for our travelers, so they run out easily, so we recommend buying your space for the Inca Trail 2023 in advance. Any delay in this purchase process could mean that we cannot secure your permission to access the Inca Trail.

What Personal Information Do I Need To Reserve The Inca Trail 2023?

Full name as it appears on your passport
Passport number
Date of birth
Nationality and gender

If you are renewing your passport, we will reserve your old passport number (or license number) and update it once your new passport arrives.

Can I book the Inca Trail for 2023 at the last minute?

Although some permits are issued at a later date, our experience has taught us that it is always prudent to avoid last-minute bookings. Because we must have all your correct information, including your name, surname, passport number, date of birth, sex and nationality, please don’t wait until the last minute and book now if you have scheduled dates!

I don't have my passport yet, what should I do now?

You can book the Inca Trail tour with your current passport and when you get your new passport you just need to send us a photo of the old and new passport by email to info@andeanperutreks.com we will update your permit information at the government office. If you still don’t have your passport you can use your driver’s license; and when you have your passport you can send us a photo to our email.

Can I choose an alternative date for my Inca Trail 2023 tour or is my space is secured?

Normally we get the spaces required by the client, provided payment is made; however we ask you for at least 2 alternative dates for Inca Trail 2023 98% of the preferred dates for our clients. However, we ask that you also give us at least 2 alternative dates in case we cannot obtain the permits for the date of your preference.

I can to this Inca Trail without a travel agency?

Simply, no! This hike can only be booked by a fully licensed tour operator. We are proud to be one of the best companies with high responsibility, because we create an incredible experience.

How big are the groups for the Inca Trail for 2023?

Our groups are normally 2 to 8 people, although our minimum size is 2 and maximum 16 people. We prefer to lead smaller groups, which allows us to offer more personalised services. Hiking with smaller groups is often more comfortable for our clients and allows you to get to know other hikers better.

Can I buy this Inca Trail tour in a private tour?

YES, absolutely! A private tour means that you will have your own personal guide, porters, chef, dining tent and toilet tent during the tour. However, you may not be camping or walking completely alone at all times, as there may be other groups camping and walking the trail as well.

After making my Inca Trail reservation, CAN I CHANGE THE START DATE?

If possible, if you have purchased your Inca Trail spaces before the government has informed you (Normally in October); you can absolutely change your start date before permits are issued at no additional charge. HOWEVER, after the permit has been obtained on your behalf, it is not possible to change the start date or pass the permit to another person. Permit dates and personal information cannot be changed once they have been issued.

I can pay in parts my Inca Trail Tour

For your first payment you can pay it in two parts with up to 30 days time to complete this first payment; and upon arrival in Cusco you have to complete the corresponding balance.

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