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Cheap Hotels in Cusco: The three I found

2019-07-03T19:45:53+02:00 Hotels Cusco|

One of the most frequent questions I receive in the comments of the blog and social networks is to find a good and cheap hotel in Cusco. In the first place, "cheap" is relative, for me it means paying approximately 60 soles per double room; while for other people $ 30 (approximately 100 soles) per [...]

Luxury hotels in Cusco, our favorite ones

2019-07-02T19:38:34+02:00 Hotels Cusco|

It is time to recommend luxury hotels in Cusco, our favorites, those that we are sure will be yours after a stay no matter if long or short. The feeling will be unmatched. If for some reason you can not make a decision, ask your travel specialist RESPONS, they know these hotels in person and [...]

Hotels in Cusco, our favorite little hotels

2019-07-02T19:24:23+02:00 Hotels Cusco|

If you are a permanent follower of our social networks, or avid reader of our blog, it is likely that you have already found our list of favorite boutique hotels in Lima, given that the capital city is naturally the first destination for arriving travelers to Peru. Second, but not least, we want to share [...]