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Traditional Restaurants in Cusco

Cusco is a fantastic place to eat, whether you want authentic local classics or a taste of home. But you will also find many restaurants that are overvalued and that are not worth it. So to guide you in the right direction, here are more than 25 of the best restaurants in Cusco, as compiled by me, after a lot of food.

I am always looking for new recommendations (and second opinions), so please feel free to leave a comment below about any of your favorite restaurants in Cusco, whether cheap, traditional, fusion or authentic, or anything in between . Thank you.

Traditional Restaurants in Cusco

Gastronomic Fairs – For a frontal introduction to Peruvian food, there is nothing better than a gastronomic fair. Food fairs are held quite regularly in Cusco, including Plaza San Francisco (some Sundays). You will find traditional dishes from all over the region, including guinea pig (guinea pig), pork rind (chunks of pork) and chiriuchu (a large mixed plate of all kinds of things). These fairs are good places to try some of the rarest culinary classics in Peru.

La Cusqueñita Picantería – Popular for its traditional food, regional dance shows and beer chicha, La Cusqueñita escapes from the cheese factory by having a solid base in the local culture. It is not the best meal of its kind in Cusco, but the full package makes it worth a visit. Centennial 800 (with a second place further away in Av. De la Cultura 3035).

Los Mundialistas – If you want large pieces of tasty fried pork, head to the chicharronerías of Pampa del Castillo, a street that leads to the Qurikancha. The Mundialistas, inaugurated in 1977, is perhaps the best of all. Pampa del Castillo 371.

Quinta Waly – A fifth, like a picantería, is a traditional restaurant in Cusco (I was told that a fifth is an urban version of a picantería, but do not mention me in that).

Quinta Waly is rough around the edges (dogs on the ground, occasional fly) but I love it. And also the loyal locals who eat here every day. It is not a tourist place at all, but the family kitchen is authentic and full of old school love. The daily menu includes pork rinds, guinea pigs, pork chops, heart roast, patty and the chef’s recommendation (at least for me): baked pork. Sublime. Av. Alta 506.

Quinta Eulalia – A friendlier alternative for tourists than Quinta Waly (no dogs under the tables). Choqechaka 384

Antojitos – A good restaurant with a central location for a cheap menu at lunch time (around S / 10 to S / 12). Popular with locals. I can not answer for any of the a la carte options, since I have only tried the menu. Márquez 284.

Contemporary Peruvian Restaurants in Cusco

These restaurants sell Peruvian food, often with a modern touch (words like “elevated” and “fusion” come to mind). They tend to be more expensive than most other restaurants in Cusco.

Marcelo Batata – Property of Erick Paz Gallegos, one of the best chefs in Cusco, Marcelo Batata can not miss. I sat alone on the roof terrace overlooking Cusco, where I ate a smoked trout cause followed by a grilled alpaca sirloin with chili yellow quinotto. In a nutshell, it was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in Peru. Palace 121 (second floor).

Uchu – Another restaurant by Chef Erick Paz Gallegos, Uchu is a rustically elegant and playfully sophisticated Peruvian meat restaurant. And the food is fantastic. The “Loco Carnes” dish, which contains 4-ounce pieces of alpaca, lamb and beef on a sizzling stone, is a dish with which I still have dreams. Seriously, I actually dream about it.

That’s weird? Palace 135 (second floor).

Pachapapa – Like a fifth high, but with classics from all over Peru (salted pork, rocoto relleno, etc.) and international options (calzones, pizzas) mixed with all the local dishes. The patio is a great place to sit and eat on a sunny day. Plaza San Blas 120, San Blas.

Morena Peruvian Kitchen – A modern, bright and colorful restaurant that serves classic dishes from all over Peru. And great sandwiches. Silversmiths 348-B. morenaperuviankitchen.com

Indian restaurants in Cusco

Korma Sutra – As far as I know, this is the only Indian restaurant in Cusco. And there’s good news for all the curry-cravers: Korma Sutra does a respectable job. It’s a British-style curry house – the owner is English – with a few Peruvian twists (crispy tandoori guinea pig, anyone?). Connoisseurs of Indian cuisine will certainly find fault with some of the dishes, but Korma Sutra is still one of the best Indian restaurants in Peru. Tandapata 909, San Blas.

Mexican Restaurants in Cusco

Tacomania – Owned by Nick Garrett, the same English behind Korma Sutra, Tacomania is the best place for Mexican food in Cusco. Mexican restaurants in Peru are often disappointing, but the nachos, tacos, burritos and enchiladas at Tacomanía satisfy everyone except the most demanding critics. Theater 394 (Tacomania used to be in San Blas, just in case you were wondering).

Vegetarian restaurants in Cusco

Total revelation: I am what one might call a committed carnivore and I have only eaten at a vegetarian restaurant in Cusco. So I am particularly interested in your recommendations, which I will gladly add to this section (contact me or leave a comment below). Thank you!

Green Point My Vegan Restaurant – I went to Green Point with a group of friends and, despite some initial concerns, I was pleasantly surprised by the food, the presentation and the general atmosphere. And apparently it’s the only 100% vegetarian restaurant in Cusco.

Carmen Bajo 235, San Blas (and now there is a second location in Plaza San Francisco 310).

Spanish and Italian restaurants in Cusco

A combination between Spanish and Italian food, one of the best restaurants in Cusco.

Cicciolina – Is it Italian? It is Spanish? Is it something in between? Well, Cicciolina has an Italian name and has risotto, osso buco and tagliatelli on the varied menu. It also has excellent tapas, which is the most obvious Spanish thing you can get. Add dishes like alpaca in a creamy four-pepper sauce and trout ceviche, and it’s safe to say that Cicciolina covers many bases. But do not stretch too much. In fact, it makes a home run. Whether you want tapas in the relaxed tapas bar or a culinary experience in the formal dining room, the charm and sophistication of Cicciolina is easy to see. And it’s not even that expensive, with a network between S / 35 and S / 50. Triunfo 393 (second floor).

The Bodega 138 – Do you need pizza? Do you need beer? Try The Bodega 138. It’s also good for salads, apparently. Hardware 138.

Sandwich and hamburger restaurants in Cusco

Papacho’s – The famous Peruvian chef and restaurateur Gastón Acurio turned his attention to gourmet burgers with Papacho’s, which now has four locations in Lima and one in Cusco. Decent burgers are hard to find in Peru, but the burgers at Papacho’s are much more than decent. Some are classic combinations, others have a Peruvian touch, and all are large, juicy and tasty. Good material on a cold night in Cusco. Santa Catalina Narrow 115 (Plaza de Armas). papachos.com

Juanito’s – A popular sandwiches restaurant in San Blas, with fillings ranging from chipped loin to Philly cheese steak. It tends to attract a crowd of backpackers. The majority of the sandwiches are between S / 18 and S / 25. Siete Angelitos 638, San Blas

Chinese Restaurants in Cusco

I struggled to find some Chinese restaurant really highlighted in Cusco. I tried a handful of chifas, but few impressed me very much. Therefore, all recommendations are more than welcome.

KION Peruvian Chinese – This Peruvian-Cantonese restaurant opened a few days after my last departure from Cusco, so I have not had the opportunity to check it out. But I’ve heard good things. Scott, a friend of mine who lives in Cusco and runs EthnoCO, says: “Very good … Asian food, elegant … I went there after my wedding and dropped S / 400.” I was with some friends, I suppose. KION is like a chifa with high eyebrows, so the prices are higher than normal. Triumph 370

Chifa Sipan – Of the most common chifas I’ve tried in Cusco, this is the only one that has had a lasting impact. It is a chifa quite common by Peruvian standards, but with a good value for money. I want 251.

UFO Asian Food – Another new place where I have not been yet, but which has been highly recommended by a friend. It serves affordable Chinese food (traditional Chinese chifa instead of Peruvian). Dishes include chicken yaki and udon curry. Recoleta Prolongation 401

American Restaurants in Cusco

Cuse Smokehouse – This cozy smokehouse offers authentic American barbecue in the neighborhood of San Blas. The smoked and dried pork ribs are tender and rich, the burgers are great and nothing else resembles it in Cusco. Congratulations to Cody Fisher, the head chef of the restaurant born in Syracuse. Do not miss it. Carmen Alto 120, San Blas.

Papacho’s – see restaurants of sandwiches and burgers top Middle Eastern restaurants in Cusco

Keep in mind: I usually eat kebabs late at night when I’m drunk, which is a British tradition. Therefore, any opinion you may have about kebab restaurants in Cusco are the opinions of a drunk man. When it comes to considering the kebabs, I find this totally reasonable. Thank you.

The Durum – Providing perfect night kebabs for tourists soaked in alcohol from Cusco. I even went here sober once, and it was still great, which was a very welcome surprise. Choquechaca 156

La Casa Del Kebab – There is nothing better than a lamb shawarma when you have had luck in the bars of Cusco and you need to absorb the excess of alcohol before conceding defeat. Yummy Plateros 320

Cafes and Breakfast Restaurants in Cusco

This is a mixed bag, but you know what kind of place I mean, right? Cafés-restaurants that sell a lot of mostly informal things, can have a good breakfast, make good sandwiches, etc.

Jack’s Café – A true icon of Cusco’s tourist scene, Jack’s Café is the starting point for the gringo apocalypse. Or something like that. Anyway, offer a great all day breakfast, big toasted sandwiches, soups, Thai curry, a meat sandwich and a plethora of other dishes to keep foreign tourists happy. Friendly service, too. Choquechaka 509. jackscafecusco.com

The Meeting Place Café – The place in San Blas to meet people, have a coffee or hot chocolate, eat Belgian waffles and make new friends. It is also a good place to find out about upcoming events. And you can buy beautiful old-style maps drawn by hand by King of Maps. San Blas Square 630, San Blas.

Creperia La Bo’M – Hip, modern, artistic, comfortable. With murderous crepes and impious hot chocolate. Carmen Alto 283, San Blas.


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